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Shop NowI’ve gotten to know many pets & pet people through my pet projects.

Here are just a few of the items I’ve made for pets & pet people in the past. Pet people are fun to crochet for because they have such passion for the dogs and cats in their lives.  Plus, with three Great Dane “grand dogs” I get a lot of, shall we say, product testing opportunities. 

One of my grand dogs, Minnie, a Fawnequin Great Dane, absolutely adores yarn.  My daughter noted that Minnie liked to have her mom’s scarf wrapped around her neck, so she asked me to make something just for Minnie.  Well, that was the beginning of quite a number of collar covers and dog scarves. 

pets & pet peopleWe’ve learned that all my grand dog Danes enjoy a collar cover, especially on chilly days, as do most of their dog pals.  But Minnie now asks for her scarf or collar cover most days.  She’ll walk her mom or dad to the dog’s drawer of “clothes” and nudge human and drawer until something is offered up for her to slip around her neck.  Minnie particularly likes Red Heart brand yarns, which was up very nicely.  Who knew a dog would have a yarn preference? 

My daughter says we’ve created a monster; if she forgets to put a scarf on Minnie on a chilly Pacific Northwest day, the dog nudges at her all day, trying to get her mom to give up her own scarf.  Keleigh won’t say so, but I’ll bet she gives hers up to the dog.

I’d love to make something for you, your pet, or as a gift for the pets & pet people in your life. 

Great Dane, Pug, Mastiff...
Lilly is timelessly stylish
in her chocolate scarf
Minnie's Chocolate Sunflower Canine Infinity Scarf
has her spinning with glee.
Lola is showing her glam side
In a black and metallic gold ruffle scarf.
crocheted dog scarf - crocheted collar cover
Minnie loves scarves and collar covers!
Seriously, this dog LOVES yarn and steals her mom's crocheted scarves if she isn't given one of her own to wear. Her favorite yarn is Red Heart Brand
Mary, bundled up in her mom's scarf
Kitty Collars
Minnie, sporting a button finished collar cover
Crocheted Dog Scarf
Crocheted Dog Scarves
The Forgotten Treasures Antiques & Collectibles Danes!
Perdita looks great in a pink scarf.
Joan in an Infinity scarf
Zoe with one of Verna's Catnip Pillows
Snuffy's crocheted snuggle bowl
Newborn Photo Prop: Puppy
Newborn Photo Prop: Puppy
Newborn Photo Prop: Puppy, on Peyton
Cat Hat
Fox Hoodies for Av & Buttercup
Camera Lens Wrap
Chloe with Verna's Catnip Pillow
Zoe with Verna's Catnip Pillows
Collar Covers
The elastic loop makes them easy to put on and the width allows for tags to be tucked inside - no jingling!
  • crocheted dog scarf - crocheted collar cover

Below are some of the items available for order here on my site.  Contact me any time for a special order, pricing information, or to discuss your potential project.


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Showing all 3 results